The Lost Lover book was curated by Australian French artist Julia Drouhin and Zimbabwean poet and publisher Thuthukani Ndlovu (The Radioactive Blog) to open discussion about a common feeling, love, and socio-cultural issues inspired by advertisements seen in the streets of Bloemfontein. These advertisements are printed in the same pink and blue coloured fonts with various phone numbers, pasted on walls in public spaces mostly in the CBD, aligned with keywords as “penis enlargement” or “safe and pain free abortion”, offering solutions for life problems.

Thuthukani and Julia then hosted poetry workshops in South Africa and Tasmania to collect responses to those posters and generate content for the Lost Lover book, acting as a score for a live broadcast in public space that will relay the participants voices through a network of community radio stations, A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio).

Collective writting were made with sequential word circle, drawing and mime games in Tasmania and South Africa. The workshops took place at Moonah Art Center in Tasmania, at the Adelaide Tambo library in Bloemfontein, South Africa and online in 2017 and 2018. Magnetic Poetry and Transmit Yourself workshops in Tasmania were inspired by South African poems collected by Thuthukani Ndlovu and facilitated by Julia Drouhin, Phillipa Stafford, Rachel Edwards, Felicia Atkinson, Ace, Emesha Rudolph and Selena De Carvalho.

Workshops contributors : Relex Mokoena, Spencer Reid, Dan Tucker, Samuel Gumede, Sarah Mashman, Kezia Gerber, Limpho Moletsane, Nellah Nonkondlo, Mtanenhlabathi, Makimela Setenzine.

Circle of non-sense  : Sit down in a circle and 1 person says 1 word, the 2nd person repeat that word and add 1 word, the 3rd person repeat the 2 previous words and add 1 word…until everybody in the circle added a word so it makes a non-sense sentence.

Guess what : 2 teams based on pictionary game, when each participant write a word or expression inspired by “lost lover” theme on a piece of paper, we shuffle the words, 1 person of a team picks up a paper randomly and has to make the team guess what is the word without saying any word.

Magnetic poetry : We use the vocabulary we created together and assemble improvised collective poems on the magnetic wall of Moonah Art Center, Tasmania.


We also worked together to create an expanded radio antenna through handmade copper jewelry and costume for a group of performers to walk the relay of live broadcast transmission and host a Lost Lover picnic.

Jewelers :  Adelaide Mogweng, Anne-Marie Mashiara, Feigh Feigh

Costume designer : Pontsho Disela

Performers : Nduk’nhleh, Ditaba Kotsi, Adelaide Mogweng, Anne-Marie Mashiara, Feigh Feigh, Osiiiris, Raymond Letsitsa, Kayn, Teddy, Lebo, Dewald Bux, Pontsho Disela

Thanks to Emma Porteus and Glen Murray for choreographic tips, Kezia Gerber and Phillipa Stafford for production management.


This workshop invited 26 kids from Bloemfontein at the Adelaide Tambo public library to make their own radio receiver and become a radio transmitter, presenting galactic news, food recipe, weather report and advertising to be broadcast as part of A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio).